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The Cineimpact Storytelling Method

At the heart of the "Quest"'s Selection and Prize at Cannes IFF 2010 lies a complex fusion of filming, editing, and anthropological techniques, combined into an ingenious method that brings together the powers of Cinema Storytelling and Social Sciences, the foundation of Cineimpact Film Academy. 


Researching the less perceivable secrets of human creativity and nature, Ionuț Pițurescu fused Film and Social Sciences, building within the Cineimpact methods a groundbreaking toolbox centered on: 

Narrative Interaction, Empathy and Emotion Design.

The second selection at Cannes International Film Festival's Cinefondation Atelier in 2015 had Pițurescu's docu-fiction project "Borders" (Denmark, Romania, Burma) recognized as one of the best feature-length film projects worldwide, and confirmed that his insightful method has consistent impact and results.

Applying his practical and field-work experience in over 40 countries, together with his diverse studies, including an MA in Anthropology and Development, and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, through the past 15+ years Ionut Pițurescu created an experiential learning program developed around the most elusive part of the filmmaking process: THE STORY.

Starting in 2008 as an invited professor within a public university and continuing in 2014 by founding Cineimpact Film Academy, Ionuț Pițurescu has taught his approach and mentored students from diverse backgrounds, coming from Art or Social Filmmaking, Transmedia or Interactive Formats, Visual Anthropology or Video-Journalism. He improved the storytelling skills of filmmakers from more than 20 countries and five continents, while several Cineimpact students had rapid international results, such as selections at prestigious film forums and festivals.

A hands-on Creative and Anthropological Understanding of Humanity is Pițurescu's transformative guidance for crafting the best story that your projects' themes and characters are able to offer within their audience interactions. Throughout all communication formats, in a world overwhelmed by technological optimizations, innovative Storytelling makes the difference. Cineimpact Story Accelerators equip you to find a personal voice, strategy, and technique, in revealing optimal stories, even within complicated contexts, using a unique mix of Sensory Documentary, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Exploration.

Through a filmmaking mentorship program that supports you in making better decisions in your creative pressuring moments just as in your life, you have the chance to discover your own personal powers to impact the world.  In a short time span, you have the opportunity to grasp a concise decision-making guideline, enabling you to improve your creative skills, simultaneously with your soft skills. Not to mention that you can have a lot of fun crafting a film to take home at the end of a unique learning-by-practice journey.

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