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Cineimpact Method is based on Storytelling and Social Sciences Techniques developed in 15+ years and internationally recognized through movies such as medium-length "Quest" (Romania, 32 min), selected and awarded by "Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" at the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival. Created by Ionuț Pițurescu, "Quest" is a docu-fiction film written, shot and edited in twelve days, a surprisingly short time frame for a story that won one of the most sought-after prizes of the film industry.


New Project Development Workshop

You probably heard more than once that the best way to learn filmmaking is to go out there and do it. No film theory course or book can really teach you what this art and craft means, like grabbing your camera, pressing record, and building a story that can change your and others' lives. This hands-on approach comes with all sorts of challenges: Shoot what? Where? And most important of all challenges - how to create the very story that will move your audience?

​Our documentary film workshop will guide you on an experiential, learning path, empowering you with an essential, practical skillset. Now you have the chance to embark on a ten-day filmmaking adventure that teaches you how to craft a relevant story from pretty much thin air.


​By practicing a method with international recognition, you will learn how to enhance the essence that can make the difference in your future projects and all coming up technologies: THE STORY. 

Image by Axel Vazquez

Work in Progress Incubator

As Francis Ford Coppola says, "The essence of cinema is editing." Films are made or broken during the editing stage. Therefore if you feel overwhelmed while looking at your entangled raw footage, don't panic!

Our Work in Progress Incubator is designed to help you navigate the editing process challenges: juggling with your raw footage efficiently, finding the most impactful storytelling structure that your footage can reach, taking the truly optimal decision on your story arc, editing with the viewer's emotion in mind, and many more.

During seven intense editing days, plus one online coaching session, you will learn a highly effective editing method with international results, placing at its' center the element that makes the difference: HOW TO CREATE THE BEST VERSION OF YOUR STORY?. You will be amazed by what you can extract from your footage under our Tutor's guidance!   


”I was able to try a lot of different things. This sense of freedom to experiment and to create was really helpful for me. It was a great experience. A new way of doing things, especially if you are interested in the intersection between anthropology and film.”

Nnenna  Onuoha - PhD researcher in Anthropology 

Students' Work
"Jazz caravan"


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