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The Cineimpact Method

At the heart of the 2010 Selection and Prize at Cannes IFF for Quest, lies an ingenious Storytelling Method grounded on efficient Filming, Editing, and Socio-Visual Anthropology techniques.


In 2015 a second selection at Cannes International Film Festival's Cinefondation Atelier had Pițurescu's docu-fiction project "Borders" (Denmark, Romania, Burma) recognized as one of the best feature-length film projects worldwide confirming his insightful method.

Applying his 15+ years of practical and field-work experience in over 40 countries, along various academic studies, including an MA in Anthropology and Development, and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, Ionut Pițurescu created an experiential learning method developed around the most elusive parts of the filmmaking process: THE STORY, THE EMPATHY FLOW and THE EMOTIONAL RHYTHM.

Starting in 2008 as invited professor within a state university and continuing in 2014 by founding Cineimpact Film Academy, Ionuț Pițurescu has mentored students from diverse backgrounds, coming from Art and Social Filmmaking, Transmedia and Interactive Formats, Visual Anthropology and Video-Journalism. He enhanced the storytelling skills of filmmakers from more than 20 countries and five continents, while several Cineimpact students had rapid international results, selections and recognitions by prestigious film forums and festivals.

A practical Creative and Anthropological Understanding of Humanity is the foundation of Pițurescu's transformative guidance for crafting the optimal story that can be designed based on your projects' themes, topics and characters. Throughout all communication formats, in a world overwhelmed by technological optimizations, groundbreaking Storytelling makes the difference. Cineimpact Academy Filmcelerators equip you to find a personal voice, strategy, and technique, in revealing your best stories, even within complicated contexts, using a unique mix of Sensory Documentary, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Immersion.

A Learning & Creative Journey for whom?

The students of Cineimpact Film Academy can be independent filmmakers, directors, editors, cinematographers, visual anthropologists, videographers, video-journalists, community engagement and participatory videomakers.

Our requirement is to be familiar with the basics of shooting and editing, as our workshop is focused on the essence of the filmmaking process: special filming, editing, and anthropological techniques dedicated to optimizing your humancentric storytelling abilities. 


Considering the workshop's accelerated nature, you will be required to use your own filming & editing equipment. Using your most familiar tools enables you to focus on what really matters: crafting a great story.


New Project Development
-On Site/On Line-

Duration: 10 days (8 Days On Site, 2 Days On Line)

Participation Fee: 780 Euro

You will be guided in the process of shooting and editing a short documentary film. While performing this hands-on process, you will learn the fundamentals of our accelerated method, which combines Filmmaking and Anthropology tools. Along the way, you will receive personalized feedback on your work and be coached individually to improve your storytelling skills.

There will be offered a generic project theme, still in case you will want to choose a different theme you will be encouraged to persue it up to its best story version. The recommended approach is for you to be part of a team working on a project, but doing everything on your own is also acceptable.

Tutor: Ionuț Pițurescu

Image by Axel Vazquez

Work in Progress Incubator

Duration: Self-Paced (8 Online Sessions, Project Analysis)   

Participation Fee: 390 Euro

You will be guided in improving your editing knowledge and film project quality by collective and one-to-one sessions. Gradually structured iterations will result in optimized project versions until the very best story possible is extracted from your raw footage.

You will be able to attend joint training sessions with fellow students, in order to learn from each other's projects and experiences.

While performing this hands-on process, you will acquire skills specific to our accelerated editing method and you will learn how to optimally disentangle the best narrative structure hiding in your project footage. In a short time frame, you will be coached how to organize and apply your novel storytelling knowledge up to your best potential in any of your present and future projects.

Tutor: Ionuț Pițurescu 

ON LINE New Project Development OFFER
for the less mobile students 

Want to take advantage of the Cineimpact method by doing a film closer to your project's shooting or characters' location?

Want to participate, but cannot travel to any of the specific locations?


You can opt for a self-paced option at home!

If you want to find out how, contact us by e-mail and find more details here:


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