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Work in Progress Incubator

Learn a method with award-winning results

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Get access to the editing process that helped generate two selections and one Grand Prize at Cannes International Film Festival. 

Work on improving your own project

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Use an innovative mix of Anthropology and Editing tools to discover the most impactful story hidden inside your footage. 

Focus on what really matters

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The Story, the Emotion, the Rhythm. Get better at handling the most critical elements of the editing process. The rest of the knowledge is freely accessible on the web, one click away.

Spend your time wisely

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Use only eight days of your life to learn a highly efficient Storytelling and Editing Method to be applied in all your future projects. In very few cases, a good thing really comes in a small package!  



You will be guided in improving your film project by attending learning and feedback sessions, both collectively and one-to-one, followed by editing sessions to put in practice what you have just learned. Each iteration will result in optimized project versions until the best story possible is extracted from the raw footage.

You will also attend joint training sessions with fellow students, and you will be able to learn from each other's projects and experiences.

While performing this hands-on process, you will discover the fundamentals of our accelerated editing method and be coached to improve your storytelling skills up to your best potential.


Independent filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, visual anthropologists, videographers, etc.

We do not have restrictions besides the aspiration and, preferably, passion for becoming a better editor and storyteller.

Our requirement is for you to be familiar with the basics of editing, as our workshop is focused on the essence of the editing process: special editing and anthropological techniques dedicated to optimizing your storytelling abilities up to their best version.


For 2022, we have chosen two special towns from Italy: Siracuse and Lecce  


An intense eight days editing experience, structured as follows:

  • Seven days on location: 1st day - Learning session and one-to-one coaching, 2nd day - Individual work on your project and one-to-one coaching, 3rd day - Learning session and one-to-one coaching, 4th day - Individual work on your project and one-to-one coaching, 5th day - Learning session and one-to-one coaching, 6th day -  Individual work on your project and one-to-one coaching, 7th day - Pitch, Mentorship for the Future & Conclusions. You can check the available dates by accessing the booking button at the bottom of the page.

  • One day online to further refine your edit. The exact date will be determined based on your and Tutors' availability in the following month after the offline session.


You will learn and work mentored by Ionuț Pițurescu, an award-winning Director and Editor with a Ph.D. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, founder of Cineimpact Film Academy.

During the workshop, you will receive personalized advice and will have the opportunity to clarify any topic that holds you back in your progress.

The places are limited as we welcome a small number of students per session, therefore we encourage you to book your place early.


Considering the workshop's accelerated nature, you will be required to use your own editing equipment. Using the tools you are familiar with will enable you to focus on what really matters: crafting a great story.

ON-LINE SPECIAL OFFER for the less mobile students 

If you are interested in our workshop but cannot travel to any of these locations, if you just prefer to learn how to apply our storytelling method by doing a project at home or closer to your project's shooting location, you can join us online.


Send us an email at the address:,


to find out how the Cineimpact Story Accelerator can get tailor-made in order to help you overcome your creative challenges!  

At the end of your learning journey with us, you will know in theory and practice: 

  1. How to go through your raw footage in the shortest time possible, in search of the core story and to most useful scenes to design it

  2. How to assess different story angles and potential characters to decide what is worthwhile, taking into account your time investments and limitations  

  3. The correlation between the purpose of the film, your theme, story, visual language, message, and the audience. Playing with them and forging them until you reach the optimal balance.

  4. Editing techniques focused on emotion. Using characters' emotions as cues for what is happening in the story and learning how to edit for the viewer's empathic reaction.

  5. Constantly revising your story arc and optimizing it while editing.

  6. How to craft the best story possible during the editing stage. Understanding what "best story possible" means in the particular situation of the moment and how to decide accordingly.

  7. Editing techniques that save time and help in finding the optimal story to be told, starting from the existing footage.

  8. Work on the various stages of your editing process while constantly thinking about the distribution strategy and its' impact on the final format of your project.     

  9. How to enjoy exploring new story versions and get the maximum out of your editing experience

  10. Ethical editing principles.



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